Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Lightest Mode

How is your strongest suction holding up?
I'm letting out all the aquatic lights and undivided sorrows.
I'm striking out the be folded love and unfulfilled devotion.
How is my refilled and dirty obsession be called hate?

I'm the lightest mode when i'm burdened with myself
And you are the same when i can hate you with all my mind!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Brain Rot and The Last Homecoming

Vibrating on songs of despair
A squeezed out adorable myth died
Trembling on nauseous forebodings
An aged out dilemma flutters to fly
Ramble on
Cos your return has faded into the past
So Ramble on

Squeaking on bedroom tales
A barbed perversion tries to write
Jumping on tired rides
A lifeless lie swims to survive
Ramble on
Cos your future has been marked by the start
So Ramble on

Thursday, September 16, 2010


My long lost reprise
Why i act helpless when i can be suspicious
The four way stinky fluorescent colorless haze
Mud reflections of myself,i am surprised

My long lost departure
Fossilized strips of layered cries,how can you be stupefied!
Lowered screams of a horrified and demented,dreamless ache.
Corrupted reflections of myself, i am blinded

My long lost hatred
Stoned walls of a circular love,how can i be mortified
Silent jumps from a note-less and watered existence
Crystalline reflections of myself, i am lost

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Decaying songs of a lust forgone

With the revived allies of your soul,i made a jump through the races of my mind
The love being a tumor in hopeful times of your malignant reasons
I smell the decay in the songs of blinded and flowering lust.

Insights from behind a mesh of eddied emotions,i wish you'll save yourself
Your dependence and my apologies on timeless love,i helped my heart a forgotten ache
Do you smell the decay in the songs of hazy and obsessed lust?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Apparition

Smooth,round and heavy
The tickles
Back again
Lets start over again

Sun for sunbeams
Hooks for a hooker
Pens for a penny
Moons for lunatics

The Acid Man

Murkier the penance gets,the balls seem to roll forever
You will someday fight the extreme nonchalance of my opaqueness
Only to return defeated,yet frivolous in divided surrender
Smile,when you find me in an asthmatic fit of obscure nihilist designs
And see the deep scars on my moon while you dream
Our woolen blankets,our saviors,are damp with fright
You will know i am the acid man
When i will peek through the glass walls of your cathedral.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Intruder

When you crave for sound,my words voice in your velvet shift of colours
Did i intrude your internal ripples of distress?
Five pallets of unbrushed blocks on your door
Cobwebs & moths enlightened by dust on your lights
When you lock your legs in agony,
i wish not to be the intruder through your painless windowpanes.